www.microsoft.com/ink is a term that refers to the digital ink features and apps that are available in Windows 10 and Office. It allows you to use a touch or a digital pen to draw, write, annotate, and create on your device in a natural and intuitive way.

Benefits of www.microsoft.com/ink

Features of www.microsoft.com/ink

Ink Editor: It lets you edit documents in Word using gestures and commands with your pen.

Ink to Text or Shape: It converts your handwritten notes or drawings into standard text or shapes in PowerPoint.

Ink to Math: It converts your handwritten math equations into typed text in Word or PowerPoint.

Ink Replay: It replays your ink strokes in PowerPoint or Excel, allowing you to review or demonstrate your work.

Ruler: It helps you draw straight lines or align objects in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or OneNote.

Whiteboard: It is a freeform, intelligent canvas for real-time ideation, creation, and collaboration with others.

Snipping Tool: It lets you take screenshots and draw on them with your pen.

Ink Workspace: It is a menu that gives you quick access to your favorite ink apps and settings.

Microsoft Ink works best with a device that supports touch input and a digital pen that is compatible with Windows 10. You can check the battery level of your pen from the Ink Workspace menu. With https //www.microsoft.com/ink You can also customize the pen settings, such as the button functions, pressure sensitivity, and handwriting recognition.

How to use www.microsoft.com/ink in PowerPoint

Here are some steps to help you use www.microsoft.com/ink in PowerPoint:

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